Boiler installation, maintenance, and repair, is our specialty. We’re proud to be the Greater Fox Cities’ go-to resource.

Thinking about adding a boiler to your home or business?

Boilers use steam to provide a consistent hydronic, radiant heat source. Boilers are a smart way to save on your long-term energy costs, as they are more efficient than standard forced air heating systems. 

Great Fox Cities residents and businesses contact us for their boiler needs because we specialize in a full spectrum of services, from boiler installation to post-warranty maintenance and repairs.  

Already have a boiler? If it’s making strange sounds, giving off a metallic odor, or you’re noticing a sudden spike in your heating bills, your boiler may need maintenance services.

Boiler Installation & Repair

Boiler FAQ

What can go wrong with my boiler?

Some of the most common boiler problems are: pilot light going out; boiler not responding to thermostat, leaks; low boiler pressure; no heating; radiator issues; or boiler makes strange noises.

Why am I not getting any hot water from my boiler?

The biggest reason why gas boilers don’t produce hot water is because the pilot light is out. But if your pilot light doesn’t stay lit, it’s likely a problem with your thermocouple (the device that monitors the pilot light).

How often does my boiler need to be looked at?

It’s smart to have your boiler serviced at least once a year to ensure its maximum performance. Regular maintenance also reduces your chances for future boiler repairs.