When it comes to hiring an HVAC expert, trust is important. You need to be able to trust the person’s HVAC expertise, and feel safe welcoming the individual into your home.

That’s why we are going to be blogging a series called, “Getting To Know Your HVAC Expert”. Our goal is to make you to feel confident when you hire us. We think you will, once we introduce you to everyone on our staff. We are starting with our owner, Jack Kiefer.

Jack Kiefer is the Owner and so Much More

Jack Kiefer is a super friendly guy. Even though we have a qualified staff of HVAC technicians, our owner is out in the field every day. The reason is simple: Jack loves meeting people. “Our customers become our friends. Many feel like family, so it’s a real pleasure taking good care of them.”  

One story explains it all. Jack gets a call from an elderly woman in the middle of a cold, winter night. She says her furnace is out and her house is freezing. Jack puts on his coat, grabs his keys, and heads over to her home. “You can see the fear on her face, being all alone in the cold”, he says. Jack fixes her furnace, and leaves with a good feeling. “Seeing the happy, relaxed look on her face after it’s all said and done. It makes every minute of an emergency call worth it.”

HVAC is Jack’s Deal and He is Certified

Having seven years in the HVAC business is one thing. Loving your job is another. He’s in the field of HVAC due to a happenstance. An old boss shows up to fix a broken furnace in his home, and offers him a job. Jack consults his wife, and takes it on the spot. Because he is mechanical, and loves to learn, Jack believes HVAC will be a great fit…and it is!

The new boss takes Jack under his wing, teaching him what he needs to know about HVAC. Jack does all of the training for his HVAC certification, and passes the test with flying colors. Fast forward. Jack opens his own business, Jack Kiefer Heating & Air. Part of why Jack likes the HVAC business is variety. “No two days are the same. You can go from being on a roof, to working on hot water heat, to duct work, to putting in a furnace or air conditioner. It never gets old!”

Honesty and Trust are Essential

What is great customer service? Jack has an answer. “Being able to deliver quality work, at a fair price, with friendly service.” Honesty also tops his list. “At Kiefer Heating & Air If you don’t really need something we won’t sell it to you.” With the golden rule as a foundation, Jack feels our HVAC team should earn your trust, every day. “Reputation is extremely important to me. It’s my name on the truck, and we will make sure you are happy with our work.”

Supporting the Community is a Priority

Jack makes community-building a priority, “The Fox Valley is a great place to raise my family. My wife is happy. Our kids are happy. At work, we meet a ton of really nice people. I appreciate it all!”

If it’s Friday, you’ll find Jack and his team of HVAC techs volunteering for the nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together Fox Valley. They provide free home repairs to low income neighbors.  Jack Kiefer Heating & Air is a sponsor Fore The Good Of The Valley. The golf tournament raises money for cancer research for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Proceeds also help troubled youth and their families with counseling, and rehabilitation through Rawhide Youth Services. Finally, the Kiefer family holds the organization Faith, Hope & Love close to its heart. The nonprofit organization helps children in foster care or facing other challenges. 

Spending Time with Family

Jack Kiefer Heating & Air is a family business. Jack does the HVAC, and his wife Lauren takes care of scheduling, the books, and staff. “We are so busy, it’s getting to the point where we need to keep adding people. But that’s just fine, as far as we are concerned.”

Having a great staff of HVAC techs also gives Jack the opportunity to spend extra time with his children. “My daughter likes to go to museums, and my son loves fishing. We also have our favorite spots to go out for dinner, as a family.” 

“Getting out” takes on new meaning when you learn that Jack comes from a small town in Michigan’s upper peninsula. “It’s nice up there, but also a little isolated. We love it here, and all of the things you can do in the Fox Valley!”

Setting the Bar High

Jack sets the bar high for us all. “At Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, we want to be the best HVAC business in the Fox Valley. That doesn’t mean we have the most employees or trucks on the road. It means when people hire us, they get quality work, at a fair price, from friendly people.” 

Jack points out our company’s mission and values are driven by honesty, and expertise. Kiefer Heating & Air is licensed and insured. Prices are in line with the industry. We are quick to respond, with HVAC techs who are qualified, and considerate. We even have HVAC financing available, so every customer can afford a quality furnace, or air conditioner. 

If you have any HVAC issues, we invite you to reach out. We are proud to be your HVAC experts in the Fox Valley, and look forward to meeting you!