At Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, we give thanks to our clients for their loyalty and trust in our HVAC services. Neenah and the Fox Cities are a great place to work, and call home. In appreciation, “community” is woven into our mission and values. Among our adventures, every Friday we go beyond HVAC services, to give back to the community. It’s a great feeling, and we think it’s something you would enjoy, too. 

So, for Thanksgiving 2021, let’s build #CommunityUnity together in Neenah and the Fox Cities! Here’s the challenge: Pick a nonprofit, get involved, then share your experience online. Hashtag your post  #CommunityUnity, then tag Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, so we can celebrate your spirit of giving. 

Beyond HVAC: #CommunityUnity with a Hammer and Wrench

Here is a riddle: What do a furnace and bathroom floor have in common? Our HVAC technicians at Jack Kiefer Heating & Air can install both! We are here to fix your furnace when it’s on the fritz, any time of the day or night. We are also known to swing a hammer, or turn a wrench for #CommunityUnity.

The nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together Fox Valley, also called RTFV, provides free home repairs to low income neighbors. Many of the recipients are older adults, persons with a disability, and veteran homeowners. Every Friday, we send out our HVAC team to volunteer, and donate the hours to charity. Volunteering with RTFV helps build community strength by giving people a chance to enjoy warmth, safety and independence in their own homes. If you think this is something you might enjoy, ask one of our trusted HVAC techs. In fact, that’s just what Rebuilding Together Fox Valley does in this video. Take a look!

Beyond HVAC: #CommunityUnity Feels Great Where Ever You Give

We’ll never make the PGA, but when it comes to #CommunityUnity, Jack Kiefer Heating & Air is ready to say “fore”! Each year we are a sponsor with Fore The Good Of The Valley. The golf tournament raises money for cancer research for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Proceeds also help troubled youth and their families with counseling, and rehabilitation through Rawhide Youth Services.   

It does our hearts good to support Faith, Hope & Love. The nonprofit organization helps light the way for children in crisis. There are many programs throughout the year, all geared toward children who are homeless, in foster care, or facing other challenges.

At  Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, There are two reasons we enjoy #CommunityUnity. First, we feel fortunate to be living, and offering our HVAC services in Neenah and the Fox Cities. Part of the reason this is a great community is because of the way neighbors help neighbors. So, we want to do our part. Second, it feels great to give back. Watch here, as Jack and Lauren Kiefer share their thoughts with our friends at  Rebuilding Together Fox Valley.  

Beyond HVAC: #CommunityUnity Starts with Two Words

Whenever we participate in #CommunityUnity at Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, we are really saying “thank you” in word, and deed. We enjoy living here, and the positive world you help create, so thank you to our customers, neighbors and friends. 

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s lift one another up. Again, just pick a nonprofit, get involved, and then share your experience online. Hashtag your post  #CommunityUnity, and tag Jack Kiefer Heating & Air. That way, we can all enjoy how you are helping to build strength, and resilience in this wonderful place we call home.

Don’t Forget HVAC if You Need Us

Remember, we’re here to help you with your HVAC needs, anytime you need us. Emergencies don’t have a calendar. If you have any HVAC issues, contact us. We will respond quickly, even on holidays. We also offer HVAC financing to make sure you can comfortably take care of your heating, and cooling needs. Give us a call at  920-637-4189, or drop us an email.  At Jack Kiefer Heating & Air, we are proud to be your HVAC experts.